The GEOINT Innovation and Engineering team is comprised of the core technical capability base for the company. The team headed by our Group CTO drives the Groups product development, performs advanced spatial analytics for clients and provides 2nd line specialist support to our clients. We provide enterprises with local support and bespoke services to fit your specific requirements. Working together with our clients we are able to deliver the most suitable and cost-effective innovative location solutions.


Lee Annamalai


Lee Annamalai has a Master’s in engineering from the University of Pretoria and a wide technology capability ranging from electronic engineering and systems in defence, the Internet of Things and space systems to big data spatial information systems. As key developer of the South African Space Strategy, and founding board member of the South African National Space Agency he was responsible for the strategy of the Agency and feasibility of South African Space Missions. He also established and grew the Spatial Information and Earth Observation R&D and the IoT and Data Analytics teams at the CSIR’s Meraka Institute from 2011 to 2018. Presently he is an appointed member of the South African Space Council. Lee is a professional and entrepreneurial Innovation and Technology manager, with a deep passion in local skills and technology development. He has over the years proven that South African developed spatial information solutions are able to be competitive globally and will drive innovation, product development and Analytics service’s for GEOINT.

Graeme McFarren

Lead Solutions Architect

Graeme McFarren has 20 years of experience in GeoSpatial application development with global experience and relevance. He has worked on and lead development of some of the most advanced spatial applications in South Africa (and Africa). Graemes capabilities are in conceptualising, designing and building cross platform applications for desktop and Internet delivery of spatial-temporal information, spatial-temporal analysis and spatial modelling in a variety of domains, including wildfire, oceanography, mining and environmental health and monitoring. Graeme is a keen supported of the Opensource Geospatial Software movement, a lecturer and mentor to many professionals in the South African Geoinformatic community.

Werner Raath

Solutions Architect/
Senior Developer

Werner Raath joins the team with a BSc IT and GIS degree from the University of Pretoria and 5 years of building GIS systems on a global scale at the CSIR's Meraka Institute. Werner's goal is to expand this capability even more, identifying technology building blocks, following international technology movements and implementing best practices in order to build well rounded scalable software solutions. Werner wants to take the Spatial Technology stack to the next level, creating software that answers advanced spatial questions and lead to better decisions.

Sizwe Nxele

Software Developer

Sizwe Nxele is a full stack developer who joins the mapIT team with 4 years’ experience as software developer. He joins the team with the ambition of becoming a intelligent mapping solutions specialist, eager to learn from others and a progressive team player. He started showing passion for IT when he started tutoring new students on how to write pseudocode at his university. He then worked as website content manager and later as a system engineer where he got introduced to a Unix based operating system and open source software which he grew fond of. Solving problems, keeping up with new technology and coding is what he enjoys.


Tshepo Hlako

Spatial Analyst/
Software Developer

Tshepo Hlako joins the team with over 5 years of experience under his belt. He joins a team that is on its path to growth, with his ability to adaptability, together with exposure to a number of IDEs and operating systems, a path promised of excitement and personal growth in the IT industry. He spent the last 2 years helping a small team that had potential for expansion at the time as a 2nd Line Support Consultant in a pharmaceutical vertical.