Our Product Development Process

We have established a team of highly skilled geospatial specialists, supported by a vibrant eco-system of digital and technology partners – who collectively follow our proven Product development process, to consistently produce differentiated, geospatially enriched solutions for our customers.

Science and fundamental Analytics

Scientific analysis and Domain Experts validation of data to features.

Analytics + Engineering

Processing techniques integrated with business workflows to arrive at scaled, robust Enriched Spatial Insights.

Engineering + Development + Design

Online Decision Support Tools, Engaging user experiences taking insights to value and products.

Our Current Products


Imagine advanced driver assistance (ADAS) technology that is so advanced it provides predictable, real-time, location-aware speed control that saves you time and money.

map data & online maps

Access to accurate map data for over 200 countries offering detailed road network information, accurate addresses and extensive speed limits coverage. Helping your business to embrace a location-aware world by adding location context to your business applications with online maps.


Real-time, historic traffic data and speed data with trillions of data points. Access to granular speed and bottleneck information to help drivers arrive quicker, safer and on time to their destination.


Open navigation platform to integrate and enhance Android-based applications, transform your business with future-proof connected navigation with relevant and real-time connected navigation information.


The efficient harnessing of data and analytics to produce insights and products for the market to help solve complex business and society problems.

our partners

in the news

Fidelity ADT embraces geospatial intelligence

Fidelity ADT has partnered with mapIT (previously TomTom South Africa) for the provision of geospatially enriched on-board devices for its fleet of close to 1 000 reaction service vehicles. The technology will improve customer service and mitigate safety risks to customers and staff alike. Geospatial intelligence is a rapidly growing sector and can make a significant impact in service delivery…

TomTom SA sells maps business to black entrepreneurs

Dutch multinational TomTom confirmed today that it has concluded a transaction with local black entrepreneurs that will see it sell off its South African maps business for an undisclosed amount. The deal sees TomTom South Africa (TTSA) transform into a 100% black-owned business with complete rights to continue serving all existing mapping clients of TomTom

SA could be a pathfinder for simple mapping tech

Mapping has been reinvented, but almost no one has noticed. We still rely on street addresses in a world where billions live on streets with no names. We depend on GPS — the global positioning system developed by the US military — despite widespread ignorance of how to express that position...

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