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Fidelity ADT embraces geospatial intelligence

Fidelity ADT has partnered with mapIT (previously TomTom South Africa) for the provision of geospatially enriched on-board devices for its fleet of close to 1 000 reaction service vehicles. The technology will improve customer service and mitigate safety risks to customers and staff alike. Geospatial intelligence is a rapidly growing sector and can make a significant impact in service delivery…

TomTom SA sells maps business to black entrepreneurs

Dutch multinational TomTom confirmed today that it has concluded a transaction with local black entrepreneurs that will see it sell off its South African maps business for an undisclosed amount. The deal sees TomTom South Africa (TTSA) transform into a 100% black-owned business with complete rights to continue serving all existing mapping clients of TomTom

SA could be a pathfinder for simple mapping tech

Mapping has been reinvented, but almost no one has noticed. We still rely on street addresses in a world where billions live on streets with no names. We depend on GPS — the global positioning system developed by the US military — despite widespread ignorance of how to express that position...

The Digital CIO : Elevating leadership’s appreciation of digital possibilities

Practical suggestions on gaining and maintaining executive sponsorship for your digital journey.

It is now time for the Digital CIO

There is no disputing that we've arrived at an era of hyper-disruption. No industry, country or organization is above the risk of disruption by digital technologies in some way or form...


Using Intelligence to Pre-empt Congestion Hot Spots Caused by Rolling Load Shedding and Then Help Resolve Them

A presentation was given by mapIT to the ITSSA seminar on traffic congestion in South Africa. An insight into using geospatial intelligence to pre-empt the congestion hot spots which is being caused by rolling Load Shedding and how best to help resolve these.

Location Intelligence as a Key Consideration in your IOT Strategy

A presentation was given by Kamal Ramsingh discussing location intelligence and it's core value in an IOT strategy. The presentation explores why you should bother and includes three leading use cases to showcase this and why it is a key consideration.