About Us

Everything Happens Somewhere

We’re equipped to enrich data that’s generated at velocity and in a variety of formats, from multiple sources.


Our Story

The GeoINT story has been one of consistent growth – in our capabilities, our reach (achieved through partnerships) and in the importance of geospatial data. 

We have over 20 years’ experience in telematics and other industries where spatial data, insights and products are making a difference. These include fleet and telematics, logistics, retail, insurance, telcos, health, mining and more…

The formation of GeoINT as the parent brand of MapIT (then known as TomTom SA) in 2017 was a key catalyst for growth, as it gave us access to 20 years’ telematics experience, as well as the recognition that comes with the continuation of a renowned brand.

Our Journey So Far

  • Completed a deal with TomTom
  • GeoINT was established as the owner of MapIT
  • TomTom SA renamed as MapIT
  • MapIT is a level 1 B-BBEE supplier of TomTom data
  • 30% bottom line growth achieved
  • CTO and product team appointed
  • Tech products delivered to MapIT
  • SpeedFOX MVP completed and market tested
  • Technical products (HR-G) Matured, SpeedFOX product advanced
  • Spatial insights further developed with Netstar
  • API based data and map services live
  • Analytics Engine project commences with Netstar
  • New Product Development formalised
  • Spatial Analytics Platform and Services Growth
  • MapIT African Expansion
  • SpeedFOX commercialisation focus
  • SpeedFOX partners with ICL and launches in Mauritius
  • MapSTACK data visualisation tool commercialised

Shaping the future of where

With TomTom as our map data partner, we have been able to wrap more value around more created or distributed data, and monetise this data by building innovative products around it. In essence we find data, and then use this as a source of insights or the starting point for new, commercially viable products. 

Under the umbrella of GeoINT, you’ll find MapIT bringing the data and analysis of the movement of people and things, and SpeedFOX a GeoINT innovation revolutionising road safety with its Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) technology.

“Over the course of our journey, we at GeoInt have built an amazing team that allows us to source the most appropriate geospatial data for your analysis or work with your team to derive specialised spatial insights (if needed) or provide turnkey products that would expedite problem resolution and even monetise your data! We partner well.”

Work with Us

We don’t just sell data - we work with our clients to build and commercialise geospatially enriched products and solutions

We partner well with both private and public sectors

Our products and solutions are scalable

We have the necessary expertise, with more than two decades experience

We combine local knowledge with global insights

Outward-in approach, partnering with our clients in the market

We base our insights on super sources of frequently refreshed, real-time data

Our Mission

Shaping the future of WHERE to benefit every business and everybody.

Our Vision

The most trusted, complete and scalable global portfolio of geospatially enriched data, insights and products.

Our Team

People who are knowing places

At the heart of the GeoINT story is a dedicated team of data specialists, analysts and product visionaries. People who are fascinated by the HOW and the WHY of WHERE, and who believe that geospatial intelligence shapes the future of discovery. 

Our team understands the power of location data, but not for its own sake. Rather, we see the potential it has to be a source of innovation, actionable insights and revenue.

Kamal Ramsingh

Founder and CEO

Superpower: Finding Amazing People

Jonathan Houston

General Manager : MAPIT

Superpower: People Person Dis-armer

Morné de Villiers

General Manager : SpeedFOX

Superpower: Multi-skilled Chameleon

Justine Letard

Head of Digital Channels & Brands

Superpower: Empathic Connector

Graeme McFerren

Lead Spatial Data and Systems

Superpower: Innovating with Location Data

Derek Hohls

Support Coordinator

Superpower: Writing Readable Documentation

Chantal Govender

GIS Analyst

Superpower: Location Fixer

Dumisani Chauke

Head: Project Management Office

Superpower: Orchestrator

Cherol Phoshoko

Junior Software Developer & Support Specialist

Superpower: Self-belief 

Kaylan Palmer

Software Developer & Support Specialist

Superpower: The multi-stacked DevOp

Mapula Ramatanono

Data Analyst

Superpower: Data Ferry – translate messy data into insights

Monique Scholtz

Junior Software Developer & Support Specialist

Superpower: “Getting it to work”

Etienne Louw


Superpower: The GoTo Guy

Nishaan Mathadeen

GIS Specalist

Superpower: Shapeshifter

Iyesha Gaffoor

 Finance Manager

Superpower: Multitasking

Trevor Morgan


Superpower: Butterfly Man

Growth Starts Somewhere

Join a team that knows where it’s going – and how to get there.

We offer a workplace that values diversity and inclusion, prioritises growth, and is driven to achieve results. We create an energetic and outcome-driven culture, where we constantly challenge the status quo to empower everyone to succeed!


Navigate your way to success

The key to success is staying curious, and constantly learning, developing, and improving. That’s why we’re creating a culture focused on personal and professional growth.

We believe in promoting a learning mindset where you’re encouraged to seek out new challenges, develop new skills, and take ownership of your own continuous development.

We encourage you to share your knowledge and expertise, so that we can all learn from each other, collaborate effectively and grow together.

If you’re looking for a workplace that offers growth, development, and having some fun on the journey, then you may just have found where you need to be.


Enjoy the journey

We’ve made it our mission to create a positive and enjoyable work environment that’s as fun as it is effective.

As a community, we prioritise activities and initiatives that foster team building and social connections. We celebrate each other’s successes, learn from our setbacks and encourage a healthy work-life balance.

We offer a workplace where you can thrive both personally and professionally, and have fun at the same time.


Celebrate each milestone

We believe that recognition helps us navigate through obstacles, and stay on track for success. Geospatial intelligence can be challenging, which is why we’re committed to celebrating each achievement, no matter its scale.

We’ve created a culture that values recognition and rewards, based the certainty that every little victory contributes to the next success.

At GeoINT, we recognise our team members in ways that resonate with them as individuals. We make sure that our team members always feel seen and appreciated.

With your colleagues cheering you on and helping you navigate the challenges of the geospatial world, you’ll find yourself closer to the rewards you deserve.

Our Team Motto

We’re Ambitious for ourselves and our business, with a healthy dose of Obsession for outcomes and a strong Bias for Action – we do stuff now!  We take Ownership for our actions – both good and bad and are always willing to Challenge the Status Quo – in the market and in our business

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