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Uncover the secrets of your location data or browse through our extensive data catalogue​
Unlocking the power of WHERE
We ensure that you have access to the right data, precisely when and where you need it by identifying datasets, analysing them, and identifying insights that meet your business needs.
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Transforming data​ into actionable insights​
We transform raw data into actionable insights that uncover hidden patterns, optimise resource allocation, and identify untapped opportunities to propel your business forward.​
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Innovative geospatial products for better business and society ​
Shaping the future of where by delivering tailormade technologies for specific industries.
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Fleet & Telematics

Where leads the way to optimising fleet management and safety, risk mitigation and improved business performance. 

Reverse geocoding

The Hyper Reverse Geocoder (HRG) adds vital context to data points (specifically, locational coordinates from vehicles). Map points are transformed into actionable insights regarding vehicle positions in relation to resources and risks, and the HRG can handle up to 10 000 queries per second.


Navigating Success – Where data-driven insights and products unlock cost savings and  drive supply chain efficiency. 

Route optimisation

Unlock the power of spatially focused route optimisation with our cutting-edge solutions. Seamlessly navigate complex variables like road conditions, high risk areas, and driver & vehicle profiles to ensure customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and a greener footprint. 


Geospatial Solutions for Omnichannel Strategy – Discover Where It Counts.

More than ever, retailers of all sizes need geospatial intelligence to help them make operational decisions, unlock new revenue streams and to stay ahead of competition.

Catchment analysis

Analyse customer data, foot traffic patterns, and demographics to pinpoint prime store locations, tailor marketing strategies, and enhance customer experience. 

Stay ahead of the competition with precision and customer-centricity.

OOH Advertising

Uncover the hidden insights of each OOH site’s impact, maximising ROI and driving conversions like never before.

Understand your audience like never before, from their traffic patterns to daily routines. Harness the potential of accurate audience information, craft compelling propositions for media buying agencies and captivate brands with targeted campaigns.

Marketing Effectiveness

By tapping into new data streams such as human mobility, traffic, demographic and financial insights, you’ll gain a competitive edge in planning, managing, and activating outdoor media campaigns for your clients. 

Gain a deeper understanding of your clients consumers’ “real-world” behaviour. With this invaluable knowledge, selling inventory to media buyers and brands becomes a breeze, ensuring better returns and delivering outstanding results.

Public Sector

Our spatial analysis and visualisation expertise enable town planners to make data-driven decisions, anticipate changing demands, and create effective strategies for the future of smart cities. 

Service Delivery

Optimise public services, anticipate changing demands, and strategise for evolving community needs with MapSTACK, a GeoINT innovation in spatial analysis and visualisation.


Empower your mining operations with advanced location intelligence for enhanced safety, sustainable community impact, and ESG excellence.

Community Impact Planning

Spatial data analysis provides accurate insights into community needs and resource allocation, empowering you to build sustainable development strategies and create positive outcomes for the communities you serve. 


Discover how spatial analytics revolutionises the education sector, empowering institutions with valuable insights for marketing, site selection, and strategic analysis. 

Marketing Effectiveness

Spatial data analytics provides insights into your targeted students, boost enrolment rates through highly targeted marketing campaigns, and gain competitive advantage in the higher education landscape.

Financial Services

Where Drives Smart Financial Decisions 

Precise risk assessments to strategic branch and ATM placement, our spatial solutions empower financial institutions to make data-driven decisions for a secure and profitable future.

Branch and ATM Site Selection

Make informed decisions on new branch and ATM locations, optimise existing site performance using spatial data, insights and visualisation.