Revolutionise Your Fleet Performance with ISA Technology

Shape the Future of Road Safety, Low-Emission Autonomous Speed Limiter Solution.

Introducing SpeedFOX

a GeoINT innovation

SpeedFOX is an innovative, semi-autonomous multi-point speed limiter that lets you monitor and manage your drivers’ speed in real-time, all the time. 

Advanced fleet safety with cutting-edge ISA speed limiter technology.

SpeedFOX enables operational efficiencies by monitoring, managing, and controlling drivers' speed in real-time. SpeedFOX improves driver safety measures and generates significant cost savings.

The Future of Speed Control Technology

SpeedFOX ISA uses edge-computing, supported by geolocation and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to ensure that wherever your drivers are, their vehicles maintain speed below the posted legal limits. 

ISA enhances transportation safety and reliability

Our contributions lead to a safer, greener and more efficient world for all road users

Harness the Power of ISA

Online and Offline mapping: internet-independent, giving you the option to run online connected or offline for when internet connectively is limited.

Scheduled mapping and company protocol updates via Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity.

Push-to-Pass: Manual override when necessitated by driving conditions (e.g. for overtaking or to avoid hazards).

Smooth transitions between speed limit zones for a less disjointed driver experience.

All trip data logged for driver/fleet monitoring and reports.

Customisable to match company policies and features personalised reports by vehicle and by driver.

Geofenced speed policy – Speed limits can be customised based on specific areas, for example on a mine.

Map-agnostic – uses data from leading commercial and sovereign map suppliers.

Enhances compliance with road traffic legislation.

ESG scorecard enhancement through reduced CO2 emissions.

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The Roadworthy Advantages of SpeedFOX

Help make roads safer for everyone while improving your operational efficiency and profitability

Drastically Reduce Speeding Infringements

Automated Exception Reports for Enhanced Efficiency

Mitigating Accident Damage Liability for a Stellar Reputation

Positive Driver Behaviour, Reduces Wear and Tear and improves fuel efficiency 

Increasing Driver Reaction Time with Speed Limit adherence

How it works

Once installed, the self-contained SpeedFOX unit in each vehicle communicates with the vehicle’s ECU to govern the maximum speed that can be achieved in any given location. It is well suited for applications in logistics and fulfillment, as well public transport. 

SpeedFOX is also uniquely suited to vehicles where drivers may have difficulty in perceiving the exact current speed, including electric vehicles (EVs).

Technical features

SpeedFOX versus other systems

Live updates rather than retrospective exception reports – actionable, real-time insights without additional paperwork.
Automated Exception Reports for Enhanced Efficiency.
Multi-point enforcement reflects realities of different speed limits in different areas. 
Dynamically change the speed limit in real-time based on the legal posted speed, with no requirement from the driver. 
Online and offline functionality - Does not require continuous connectivity. 
Functions on both public and private roads.  
Adaptable to local circumstances for enhanced flexibility. 
Locally developed, globally relevant

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