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Case Studies

Analytics Engine Product


Use Case After a number of successful analytic projects, a large telematics organisation commissioned us...

MapSTACK visualisation tool: Catchment analytics


Use Case A retailer approached us and wanted to utilise spatial analytics to enrich their...

MapSTACK visualisation tool: Site expansion planning

Industrial Supply

Use Case Our client wanted to understand where best to locate new stores in order...

Site expansion planning, competitor analysis & target market catchment analysis


Use Case Our client wanted to understand how their potential customers were located in terms...

Marketing Effectiveness


Use Case Our client wanted to understand where their current students were located and how...

Telematics Industry


Use Case A Large South African Telematics Company observed communication latencies between devices in the...

Asset Risk Profiling 


Use Case A South African short term insurer wanted to apply analysis of telematics data...

Competitor Analysis & Out –of- Home Targeted Marketing Campaigns


Use Case A South African bank wanted to ascertain where best to seek for new...