Our Solutions

Shaping the Future of Where

Unleashing the power of geospatial intelligence to deliver innovative products for better business and society, and tailormade solutions for specific industries.

Our Core Capabilities

Map personalisation and editing

creating customised and customisable visualisations.

Data matching and sales

seeking synergies and commercial opportunities.

Spatial data management services

map editing, data governance and geocoding.

Fleet and logistics road efficiency

SpeedFOX ISA intelligent fleet assist technology for enhanced efficiencies and speed limit compliance.

Spatial analytics and data science 

providing context for your datasets. 

Data visualisation

easily understood, cartographical representations of your data.

Data monetisation

helping you to realise the value in your proprietary data.


R&D & Product Development transform spatial insights into tangible value and productise your data.

Learning from the past, understanding the present and predicting the future

Unlocking the power of WHERE

We ensure that you have access to the right data, precisely when and where you need it by identifying datasets, analysing them, and identifying insights that meet your business needs.

We know the movement of people and things

Data Services

Data Catalogue and services

We’ve created a seamless data catalogue for all your geospatial data needs, taking the pain out of the process. Enhance your own data and expand the scope of your analysis effortlessly. 

We’ve simplified the data sourcing and integration process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—gaining valuable insights and making informed decisions.

Traffic Data

Points of Interest


Footfall Data

Financial Data

and more...

Transforming Data

into Actionable Insights

Through our tailored geospatial solutions, we assist you in navigating complex landscapes, optimising operations, and gaining a competitive edge in the market. Whether you are seeking data monetisation strategies, R&D innovations, or location data driven insights, we partner with our clients to unlock new opportunities.

Spatial data management and services

Preparing, optimising and hosting spatial data – We show you where and when things happen, explain why they happen – and help you shape future business decisions. 


  • Address validation, data cleansing and data preparation
  • Hyper reverse geo-coder assigning human-readable attributes to geographical coordinates, so that they can be understood in a real-world context. 
  • Analytics engine: data-interrogation utility, capable of processing literally millions of data points and transforming huge volumes of data into a workable database from which actionable insights can be extracted. 

Revolutionising geospatial products for better business and society

Hyper Reverse Geocoder (HRG)

The fastest telematics data analytics on the continent

The Hyper Reverse Geocoder (HRG) adds vital context to data points (specifically, locational coordinates from vehicles). Map points are transformed into actionable insights regarding vehicle positions in relation to resources and risks, and the HRG can handle up to 10 000 queries per second.  

By adding context, data can be used by vehicle control centres for real-time threat analysis and risk flagging, as well as for enabling optimal performance and route selection in fleet context, and the preparation of performance metrics.


Become A Partner

Shaping the future of where lies in the strength of our relationships – with our suppliers, customers and partners.

Become a GeoINT Channel Partner to represent GeoINT in your country or region, and market our products or resell our data to your own client basis. 

As a GeoINT Channel Partner, you can enrich your value proposition to your existing clients, and expand your client base. You’ll gain access to world-class location data, insights and products to complement your existing service offering.

SpeedFOX Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) technology has multiple applications in fleet management scenarios. This semi-autonomous system delivers unique benefits including enhanced road safety, speed limit compliance, and improved driver behaviours.

As a SpeedFOX Channel Partner, you can sell this revolutionary product – developed by GeoINT’s R&D division GeoLABS – into your own client base. You’ll have ongoing access to sales and technical support via the SpeedFOX Channel Partner portal.

You may not be aware of the volume of data that your company generates and holds – or of its potential value to other, non-competing organisations. GeoINT can help you unlock this value, and turn your data into a marketable commodity. 

As a GeoINT Data Partner, you grant us the right to use and sell your data – and we help you monetise it. When we wrap your data in other products and services and sell this to our customer, we pay you commission as a new revenue stream.

A more specialised opportunity for new or existing GeoINT partners to work with us on data generation and monetisation by working with our R&D lab, GeoLABS. 

Our collaborative, problem-solving approach typically focuses on solving a problem that your company – or one of your clients – is experiencing.

Business models 

As a GeoINT Innovation Partner, you can choose from the following: 

  • Licensing agreement – development costs and revenue are shared
  • Development agreement – we charge you for the development or use of the product – development costs can be offset against future revenue

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