The where and what of the location of things

A greater understanding of the relationships between people, places and things adds an invaluable layer of business insight, transforming customer interactions. Connecting your things, be they heavy metal or your fridge, to the internet is one thing, but what about unlocking the value of their location as well? Combining intelligence between people, places and things […]

Visualising data spatially for a clearer view of your world

There is a misconception that when we speak about location data, we are using this as a euphemism to infer personal information. This is certainly not true. The rise of GDPR and POPIA have indeed given pause for thought in the minds of many who are confronted by geospatial data analytics, but the lowest common […]

The growing power of location intelligence

When Harold Samuel coined the phrase “location, location, location” in 1944 when he founded Land Securities, one of the United Kingdom’s largest property companies, I am sure he didn’t realise how profound that phrase would turn out to be, as location intelligence is fast becoming the darling of business intelligence. Location intelligence (LI) is not […]

TomTom and MAPIT Expand Footprint in Africa

MapIT and TomTom (TOM2), the mapmaker and location technology specialist, announced an extension to their multiyear agreement and the geographic expansion of their partnership to cover the entire African continent.  MapIT will continue to operate as TomTom’s preferred African distribution partner. “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with TomTom,” says Kamal Ramsingh, Executive Chair of MapIT. […]

Impossible Speeding

Speeding is repeatedly listed as a one of the top causes of South Africa’s high road crash and fatality rates. Yet, South Africa may not be alone in this phenomenon according to a recent survey conducted by The survey revealed that not only do drivers admit to speeding but 64% believe that it may even […]

HERE Technologies & SpeedFOX Partner

HERE Technologies & SpeedFOX (Pty) partner to improve road safety with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology   Speeding is repeatedly listed as one of the leading causes of road accidents and high fatality rates. According to IAM RoadSmart annual Safety Culture Report 43% of motorists believe it is appropriate to speed on highways, in particular.” The majority of respondents expressed their tendency to drive […]

Press Release – TIA Funds SpeedFOX

TIA backs local Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) Technology to save lives on SA Roads South Africa’s Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) has confirmed an initial round of funding in support of advancing the development and global commercialisation efforts of SpeedFOX, an Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) device invented by Geo Intelligence Corp (GeoInt) a specialist geospatial products and services business. This technology […]


There is nothing more devasting than waking up to news of yet another horrific and fatal road accident – generally to regular citizens who’ve done nothing wrong save to be on the road at the same time as a negligent driver and / or a poorly maintained vehicle.  The sheer numbers involved have numbed many […]


As road safety continues to be a major concern and talking point across Africa and the globe; we are doing our part to assist in minimising the carnage on all roads and have partnered with ICL to help reduce road deaths in Mauritius. Partnering With ICL With ICL being the pioneer of GPS and telemetry […]