Competitor Analysis & Out –of- Home Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Use Case

A South African bank wanted to ascertain where best to seek for new credit card account customers. The bank needed to know where it was dominant/weak in the market in relation to its competitors, and how it could effectively communicate marketing messages to potential customers identified by target demographic and risk criteria 


We utilised anonymised credit bureau data from a partner organisation to construct a banking persona analysis that showed the areas where the bank was dominant – or could become dominant – within its desired market segments. This analysis, alongside other contextual data was visualised on a cloud-based mapping platform that allowed the users to easily interact with and filter the areas of interest.

Client Value

We supported the bank to identify new geographic target markets and understand the risk profiles of these markets. Addtionally, we could show where the best billboard locations would be for running an Out-of-Home marketing campaign to reach these potential customers.

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